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Four things you should do in order to live the life you want! July 22, 2013

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In order to have the life you want,IMG_8073 pic change there are four things you must do.

1. You have to acknowledge that there is a problem
2. Learn to speak your truth
3. Focus on what you want
4. Gratitude

Over the course of the next few blogs I will go into greater detail on how to apply these techniques. But for now there is a brief synopsis on what each technique is about.

Acknowledge that there is a problem.

Take a good look at your life. The world is like a big giant mirror reflecting back thoughts about your-self. Many people seek therapy because they are looking for peace and happiness. They spend a lot of time blaming other people for their unhappiness, for their position in life and for their failures. It is not until they acknowledge that they are responsible for their feelings, thoughts and actions can they truly start to make any changes. Once accountability and responsibility has been acknowledged then, you must learn to speak your truth.

Learning to speak your truth.
There is a difference between speaking your truth and having an opinion. In a nutshell, speaking your truth runs much deeper than your opinion. The truth speaks from the heart. It isn’t about being right, or winning an argument. It isn’t about hurting ones feelings or beating someone into submission so you can be heard. Speaking your truth is about being in line with your core values and beliefs. It is about your feelings, vulnerabilities and what feels right to you. Speaking your truth is about being able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel at peace.

Speaking your truth at times can be scary and difficult, but it can also be empowering and freeing.

Focus on what you want
All too often people will focus all their energies on what they don’t want. “ I don’t want to be in a dead end job.” “I don’t want to be divorced.” “I don’t want to fail.” “ I don’t want to be in debt..etc” Ironically they end up creating what they don’t want because they have made that a focus of their mind. So what you focus on is the key to what you create in your life.
Instead of focusing on what you DON”T want, start training your brain to think on what you do want. What kind of relationship would you like? What kind of home would you like to live in? What kind of relationship do you want with your children, etc. Challenge your brain to shift its perspective on the way you look at life.

There is not enough I could say about learning the art of Gratitude. By acknowledging what you are grateful for, you are instantly focusing on what you want more of and what makes you happy. So get a journal and start writing down on a daily basis for what you are grateful for.