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The importance of putting your-self first!! May 15, 2013

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Why it’s important to put your-self first!

Whether you choose to be a stay at home wife, go to work full time or attempt to do both, one of the most important relationship you will ever have in your life time is the one you will have with your-self. I can hear the excuses, “ I don’t have time for that,” “that is selfish,” my family needs me, my job needs me, “my children needs me, etc.” Yet, not putting yourself first teaches other people how to treat you. Do you teach them that you have all the answers or that only you can do everything and then you wonder why no one offers to help you? Do you teach people that you don’t have time for friendships and romance because you are to0 busy taking care of everybody else? Do you teach your children that only you can solve their problems and then get frustrated when they screw up?

Ask your-self how you can have a loving and trusting relationship with others if you don’t even like your-self or believe that you are stupid, worthless, ugly, unlovable, or on auto-pilot etc. Having a good relationship with your-self is vital to having a good relationship with other people. It is about taking care of your-self so you can take care of other people. It takes time to get to know your-self and to find your authentic voice. Like most relationships there are highs and lows and questions whether this is worth it, but in order to create healthy and happy relationships, it is very important to take time for you-self

Taking time for your-self allows your brain to recover, allows you to reflect on your strengths and to celebrate your achievements. You are happier to be around because you are relaxed and rested. Putting your-self first reminds you how important you are and how important you are to other people. It sets a great example to those that have children, after all actions speak louder than words. Putting your-self first is one of the greatest gifts you could give your loved ones because you will be present and not off in some lala land thinking of all the many things you have yet to accomplish. In a nutshell putting your-self first will improve every aspect of your life.

Getting to know your-self is not a race to the finish line. It is about endurance. This is about self care. Here are some questions to ask yourself as to why “putting yourself first is difficult.”

1. Why do I not put my-self first?

2. What  excuses do I use for not putting myself first?

3. What do I worry about if I put myself first?

4. How do I teach people to treat me?

5. Do I view asking for help a sign of weakness or strength?

6. How can you be a role model to other people?


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