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Want to decrease parental conflict and nagging? Then read these tips from your parents point of view. December 13, 2012

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10: Stop leaving trails around the house like Hansel and Gretel: At this point your parents don’t care if they can’t find you because they are on the verge of shoving you in the oven and cooking you themselves. So you see that dirty plate still left from dinner time, or the wet towel on the floor of the bathroom, or the candy wrapper stuffed in the sofa, please just pick it up. I guarantee 100% that there will be less shouting and nagging.

9: Saying I love you other than when you want something: Parents love hearing the words “I love you,”  especially when it doesn’t involve that expensive cell phone or the sleep over, or the expensive designer outfit.

8: Manners, Manners, Manners:   You think we are embarrassing? Well take a look at how eat your food and greet our friends, now that is embarrassing. So next time, use your utensils, close your mouth, smile, make eye contact and for god sake say “hello, please thank you and goodbye.”

7: Stop talking smack about us to your friends: You don’t want us sharing your gory details to our friends then don’t share our gory details with yours. In the words of Taylor Swift, “your friends talk to my friends and my friends talk to me.” It would be really nice if you could brag about us in front of your friends. But it would be even better if you could do it while we are there to witness it. “Hooray my kids appreciate me.”

6.  Silent treatment, one word answers and isolation. Nothing pushes our buttons more then when you shut down and go into silent mode. We don’t know what to do. We feel frustrated because as parents we want to fix the situation.  Please help us understand.  I know we shout, but be patient we are learning.  Maybe send us a letter about you feel.

5: Give us some space: We don’t mean this to sound contradictory. Of course we want to be involved in your lives (we are after all we have been accused of being the helicopter-parent population). Of course we want to talk to you and hear about your day, we want to know your hopes your dreams, your fears….But not while I am on the  telephone or (conveniently) when it is time for you to go to bed. It is annoying irony when we are  all geared up to talk and ask how was your day and get and all we get is  “good,” and nothing more, but if we say go to bed,  well look out her,e come the verbal avalanche.

4: Stop interrupting.  We understand you all think you were born with the gift of clairvoyance because we raised you to believe in your own opinion, but the truth is you don’t know it all. So it would be nice if you could clamp down on that mouth when we are talking and let us finish our sentence before you interrupt us with a “I know, or eye rolling”

3. Turn the volume down: Want to know why us parents shout, just listen to the volume of the TV. All that noise makes our brain turn to jello and short circuit. We just can’t think!!!  We are getting older!!

2: Just do your chores without asking. Does their really need to be an explanation to this one? No, it is not child labor, it’s just helping out.

1. Praise us: It would be nice from time to time if you could praise us on a job well done. Just like you, we are going to make mistakes, but we are trying our best. SO giving us a compliment from time to time or sending us on a treasure hunt, motivates us to do better as parents. We aim to please.

While this is the top 10…I believe that this point deserves a place all by it-self.

1. Listen. If you don’t want us to constantly repeat or nag, then listen. Nothing is worse and more stressful for us as parents then to repeat ourselves a thousand times and then to watch you guys have the audacity to huff, roll your eyes, and act like we are being a pain. Do you think we enjoy repeating this stuff over and over again? I think not! So the next time your parents are talking to you, put down your cell phone, turn off the computer, turn the volume down on your ipod and LISTEN.


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